October 5, 2015

New beginner class

Starting with September we have slightly changed the structure of our sessions.

June 8, 2015

Summertime sessions at Kokoro Aikido

It's already quite hot in June which means summer has already started in Hungary. As usual, the school which provides the place for training during the year is closing with this week and we will practice on the Margaret island until the end of the month starting with June 16.
You won't need a gi or hakama here but make sure you bring your weapons as these open-air sessions are weapons-only. We meet at the island's southern end at the big musical fountain and leave to find a nice place to practice at 18:00.

What's new for this summer is that starting from July 2 we will have special summer sessions until the last week of August in another location.
This location has fixed mats and is not too far from Szemere utca. It is in the 9th district, the address is Kinizsi utca 1. You may know this place if you've ever been to a HBSE organized Aikido event. Schedule is similar to Szemere utca: Tuesdays and Thursdays starting from 18:00.

Saturday classes will be held as planned during the whole summer.

So if you get bored with the hot weather, ate too many lángos or miss Aikido during the summer, just pack your gi and hop in for a little practice.

Please make sure you check this calendar before coming for any session, there will be occasional breaks and changes due to premise availability or other reasons: http://goo.gl/P06AyL

If you have any questions regarding summer sessions, please contact me in email: peter.bekesi@aikido.hu

See you on the mat and have a wonderful summer.

December 18, 2012

Due to the winter break in the school the dojo will be closed from today until the end of this year. The first training will start at 18:30 on Thursday, 3 Jan 2013.

I wish you Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

June 16, 2012

Summar break and relocation

The school is closed for the summer break, the next training in the dojo will take place in September.
Also, the school is relocating during the summer, the new address is 1054, Budapest, Szemere utca 3.

For everyone I don't meet in Agárd I wish you a pleasant summer and I hope to see you in September.

March 29, 2012

Spring Break

Starting with next week the school will be closed for a few days due to the Spring break.
There will be no training at the dojo on April 3 and 10, but we will be able to train next Thursday (April 5) from 17:30.

The first training after the break will be on April 12 (Thursday).

Happy Easter