September 23, 2006

New events in calendar, moving

There are new events in the dojo calendar. The details will be there later.

About the moving: as it looks at the moment we will move. I would feel regret if I didn't take an opportunity like this. We still need to talk about the Tuesday morning classes as I will only hold them if there are more than only 2-3 people showing up. Otherwise I will suggest participating in the other aikido classes either on other day or before us. Or you can also stay longer after our class to practice a little more on your own. I will try to arrange that our classes can be on Mondays and Thursdays, so theoretically you can choose between two different instructors who holds trainings before me.

The events are in the calendar.

September 21, 2006

No weapons training tonight

Due to the current situation during nights in the city, I ask you not to carry your weapons on the streets. Please don't bring them to the dojo today.

The tolerance level of the police is getting to zero nowadays, so even if you could explain that you're only going for training or back home, they might not let you finish your explanation.

If you already have your stuff with you when you read this post, please try to leave them in your workplace, school, or car. If you bring it to the dojo, you can leave it there until next Thursday.