December 21, 2007

December 16, 2007

HBSE kyu exam

I am proud to announce that last Saturday, after successfully passing the HBSE kyu exam four of our members received their new kyu grades:

  • Attila Éles (2. kyu)
  • Attila Kelényi (3. kyu)
  • Dávid Tisza (5. kyu)
  • Levente Burján (6. kyu)


December 14, 2007

Winter break

The winter break in school will start on December 24th. During the break there will be no trainings held. The first training after the break will be on January 3rd (Thursday) from 18:30.

Happy Holidays

December 2, 2007

Kyu test in December

I have received the program of the mini seminar and kyu test to be held in two weeks.

For the details, please check the calendar

October 23, 2007

Pietro 2007. video

Our Polish guests had posted a video on their website with clips from the last seminar with Pietro.

October 17, 2007

Autumn break and Co

In the following days there will be some days without training because the school will be closed for Autumn break and certain national holidays. These days are:

  • October 23, Tuesday
  • October 30, Tuesday
  • November 1, Thursday

Thank you for understanding.

The training free days are also listed in the calendar.

September 26, 2007

Günther Stéger 2007 Photos

Last weekend we a had a wonderful seminar with Günther Stéger sensei. Günther is a relaxed, happy teacher with fluent, yet dynamic movements. He was really kind as he literally went to every pair practicing and did ukemi for everyone to show how each exercise should be done. The main message for the weekend was about the importance of fluent movements, the kuzushi, and seeking and taking opportunities instead of forcing a predefined concept.

We had a lot of fun on and even off the mat. On Friday we went for bowling, and on Saturday we have visited the well known Széchenyi batch. We also did some billiard in Saturday evening.

I really hope that the forecoming Pietro seminar will be as exciting as this was, and also that we can see Günther sensei in the near future again.


Photos on Flickr

September 16, 2007

Giampietro sensei

In less than a month you can meet Pietro sensei again.

For our invitation Pietro sensei is going to visit us and we can have a weekend course with him in October (12-14). The details can be downloaded from here and you can already apply for the course. Please do this as soon as possible so you can help us to estimate the headcount for the banquet.

Details on Kigarukai homepage

August 31, 2007

Events for September

We have received some new events for September, here's the list:

  • On the 9th there will be open day in Jász utca.
  • On the 16th we have the Day of Japanese Budo at the same place.
  • From 21st HBSE will organize a weekend seminar with Günther Stéger, technical leader of the Austrian Aikido Federation.

Don't forget! The first regular training is on next Tuesday (09/04) at 17:30 at the Bazilika.

Details are coming or already are in the Event Calendar

August 9, 2007


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Peter Békési

July 24, 2007

We became a real blog

Actually this page was working like a blog before, but editing it was not that simple as it is now.

From now on the content is generated by a blog engine so we get all the advantages of RSS feeds, archives and other fun stuff. This also means I encourage you to create posts as well, so this won't be my announcement board only. If you are interested, just let me know.

Peter Békési

May 24, 2007

Budo seminar - Kyu exam place changed

A slight change in the program for next weekend. The place has changed to Butokugan on Rákóczi street and there are some changes in the schedule as well.

The details are updated in the announcement and in the calendar

May 13, 2007

Kyu test program

I have received the program for the seminar with Imre Márton and Michael Putz sensei in June. This is the weekend when the kyu exams will be held.

Don't forget, that next Thursday (17.05) we start the training on the rooftop of WestEnd at 18:00 with Rudi Várszegi. After the one hour session there, we walk over to Bazilika and continue until 20:30. If you cannot come to WestEnd in time, just prepare yourself to start from 19:30 in Bazilika.

More details in the calendar

April 17, 2007

Pietro photos

April 5, 2007

Pietro + Tamura seminar information

I have received the invitation for the seminar with Giampietro Savegnago sensei in Makó (next weekend). If you want to come, let me know before April 11. because we need to book to accomodation beforehand.

Recent information about the Tamura seminar in May tells that the bookings for the accomodation should be made before April 13. Also the training fee (40 EUR) should be transferred before the seminar.

More details in the calendar

April 4, 2007

Spring break

Due to the spring break the school and the dojo is closed from April 4. to 10..

The first training after the break will be on April 12. (Thursday) from 18:30.

Happy Easter!

If you don't want to miss a training you may go to Kannagara even during the break.

Address: Bp. IX. ker. Kinizsi utca 1.
Schedule: Tue-Thu-Fri 18:00-19:45

Kannagara Aiki Dojo

January 22, 2007


I have received the plan for this year's events, but it is still under construction.

Three of the events is already public. First of all, Tamura sensei won't come to Budapest this year, so we will go to his seminar in Graz, Austria.

Toshiro Suga sensei's weekend seminar will be held in Budapest on the last weekend of February.

In the beginning of February HBSE organizes a weekend seminar for hakama people and a costume party for everyone. Details are to come.

List of events in the calendar