September 26, 2007

Günther Stéger 2007 Photos

Last weekend we a had a wonderful seminar with Günther Stéger sensei. Günther is a relaxed, happy teacher with fluent, yet dynamic movements. He was really kind as he literally went to every pair practicing and did ukemi for everyone to show how each exercise should be done. The main message for the weekend was about the importance of fluent movements, the kuzushi, and seeking and taking opportunities instead of forcing a predefined concept.

We had a lot of fun on and even off the mat. On Friday we went for bowling, and on Saturday we have visited the well known Széchenyi batch. We also did some billiard in Saturday evening.

I really hope that the forecoming Pietro seminar will be as exciting as this was, and also that we can see Günther sensei in the near future again.


Photos on Flickr

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