June 15, 2009

Kyu test results

Last Saturday we had a great event here in Budapest, where more than 80 members of the HBSE participated in a seminar held by leaders of the HBSE dojos. Right after the afternoon training several members of our dojo took an exam in front of the HBSE kyu committee. It was a long day and I am proud to announce that all members of our dojo who took the test succeeded.

Here is the list of the members, with their new kyu rank:

  • Attila Éles, 1. kyu
  • László Miczán, 1. kyu
  • Bence Ács, 5. kyu
  • Attila Bolvári (6. kyu)
  • Lászkó Káldi (6. kyu)
  • Miklós László Kiss (6. kyu)
  • Zoltán Seprűs (6. kyu)
  • Péter Tóth-Czere (6. kyu)


Summer break

Due to the Summer Break the school will be closed from this week.

We will continue practicing on the Margit island until the end of June. We will meet at the musical fountain at 18:15 every Tuesday and Thursday, walk over to the place of training, and stay there until about 20:00. You don't have to wear a uniform, but something practical. Bring your practice weapons, if you have any. Note: there is no locker room available on the island, we'll change clothes in the bushes. :)

Have a nice vacation!