June 15, 2009

Kyu test results

Last Saturday we had a great event here in Budapest, where more than 80 members of the HBSE participated in a seminar held by leaders of the HBSE dojos. Right after the afternoon training several members of our dojo took an exam in front of the HBSE kyu committee. It was a long day and I am proud to announce that all members of our dojo who took the test succeeded.

Here is the list of the members, with their new kyu rank:

  • Attila Éles, 1. kyu
  • László Miczán, 1. kyu
  • Bence Ács, 5. kyu
  • Attila Bolvári (6. kyu)
  • Lászkó Káldi (6. kyu)
  • Miklós László Kiss (6. kyu)
  • Zoltán Seprűs (6. kyu)
  • Péter Tóth-Czere (6. kyu)


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