December 20, 2011

Winter break

Due to the winter break in the school we have our sessions at the dojo will be closed from 19 Dec until the end of this year. The first training will start at 17:30 on Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012.

I wish you Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

October 27, 2011

Autumn break

Due to the Autumn break in the school there will be no training in the dojo from November 1 until November 6. The first training after the break will be on November 8 (Tuesday).

Thank you for understanding.

August 2, 2011

Island trainings

Hope you had a nice time during summer. I myself really enjoyed our summer training camp in Tata with Günther Steger sensei.

We have one more month until we start our regular trainings back at the dojo, the first training will be on September 6, Tuesday starting at 17:30.

Until then we have the usual weapons practice at the Margaret island (see previous post). The only difference is that a session is only held if there are at least 4 participants responding to my invitation sent from our Google calendar, or the Facebook group. Please let me know, if you would like to join, but didn't get the invitation.

Have a nice summer and see you at the dojo or on the island.

May 31, 2011


This Thursday (06.02) there will be no training at Bazilika as the gym will be closed for the second half of the week.

When the school closes for the summer in the second half of June we usually go the Margaret island to train with weapons. I decided that we can do this even on this Thursday.

We will meet at the musical fountain located at the Southern end of the island and we walk from there to find a nice place to practice. Make sure you don't get late, as we will leave from the fountain at 18:15. Also make sure you bring your weapons.

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Please note, that in case of bad weather conditions the training will be cancelled. So if it is pouring in the afternoon, don't go to the island. You can go to Kinizsi utca 1. instead, where Attila Kiss will have his regular training with the Kannagara dojo.

About last weekend

As you all know, last weekend we had the honor of having Shihan Donovan Waite as our guest to hold a seminar in Budapest. I am really glad to see so many people, especially many people from our dojo. As part of the seminar, there was a dan exam led by Donovan sensei and a kyu exam led by the committee consisting of HBSE Yudansha members. I am proud to present, that as a result of the weekend, many of our members got new ranks after taking the exams. Here is the list with the names and the new ranks:

  • Attila Éles (1. dan)
  • László Miczán (1. dan)
  • Dávid Tisza (2. kyu)
  • Péter Tóth-Czere (3. kyu)
  • Attila Kovácsházi (4. kyu)
  • Nicolas Mazet (5. kyu)


April 13, 2011

Spring break - update

I just got the information, that the Spring break will last until 26th, therefore the first training at Bazilika will only happen on Thursday (28.04).

Apologies for the inconvenience.

April 11, 2011

Spring Break + Important Aikido Seminar

Please note, that due to the coming Spring break in the school, there will be no training sessions on 19th and 21st of April (next week) at Szent István tér. As usual, we can still go and join the Kannagara Aiki Dojo on that week.
They have trainings on the same days (Tue & Thu), but starting at 18:00 on both days. The address in IX. district, Kinizsi street 1.

And now, to something else:
Donovan Waite sensei, head student of Yoshimitsu Yamada sensei will be visiting us next month and we will have the chance to practice with him. I would like all our dojo members to join this seminar in Budapest on May 28-29.

The details can be found on the following web address: