April 11, 2011

Spring Break + Important Aikido Seminar

Please note, that due to the coming Spring break in the school, there will be no training sessions on 19th and 21st of April (next week) at Szent István tér. As usual, we can still go and join the Kannagara Aiki Dojo on that week.
They have trainings on the same days (Tue & Thu), but starting at 18:00 on both days. The address in IX. district, Kinizsi street 1.

And now, to something else:
Donovan Waite sensei, head student of Yoshimitsu Yamada sensei will be visiting us next month and we will have the chance to practice with him. I would like all our dojo members to join this seminar in Budapest on May 28-29.

The details can be found on the following web address:


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