May 31, 2011

About last weekend

As you all know, last weekend we had the honor of having Shihan Donovan Waite as our guest to hold a seminar in Budapest. I am really glad to see so many people, especially many people from our dojo. As part of the seminar, there was a dan exam led by Donovan sensei and a kyu exam led by the committee consisting of HBSE Yudansha members. I am proud to present, that as a result of the weekend, many of our members got new ranks after taking the exams. Here is the list with the names and the new ranks:

  • Attila Éles (1. dan)
  • László Miczán (1. dan)
  • Dávid Tisza (2. kyu)
  • Péter Tóth-Czere (3. kyu)
  • Attila Kovácsházi (4. kyu)
  • Nicolas Mazet (5. kyu)


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