October 5, 2015

New beginner class

Starting with September we have slightly changed the structure of our sessions.

Training still starts at 18:00, but after the warmup (Aikitaiso) the group will divide to two subgroups. Beginners will work with me on the very basics of Aikido like postures, steps, rolls, breathing and one or two techniques too, while the rest (intermediate and advanced) will practice the syllabus techniques under the supervision of one of my advanced students to get a deeper confidence in the most common set of techniques.

At about 19:00 we have a short break and then continue with a joint class led by me. This session is more for the advanced practitioners (2. kyu-3. dan), so beginners can decide whether they want to join in, stay to observe, or simply leave.

The aim of these divided sessions is to focus on the actual level of the students by selecting three different ways of instructions.
Beginners get a lot more explanations and need to focus on a limited (but growing) number things only.
Intermediate and advanced level students get a chance to practice with their own level to work on their stamina and also imprint the movements of the basic techniques which will come handy during kyu and dan exams. Here there's less new to learn, but more chance to polish on the existing knowledge.
The last (advanced) session is more about experimenting and understanding the key concepts and principles of Aikido and also to practice rare, exotic versions of some known techniques.

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